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Aldo Pena



Supply and installed the following passive firestop system:

At Passive First our team offers the experience to endorse and comply firestop safety measures for both commercial and residential buildings.

Led by Aldo Pena and Rodney Carney, the Passive First team have unrivaled knowledge of firestop systems, the current Australian standards and extensive experience delivering accurate reporting as well as managing installation and maintenance as required.


Passive First was engaged to provide onsite inspections detailing the condition of fire dampers and surrounding services penetrations in 206 apartments as well as all common areas including the basement car park. Passive First conducted extremely professional and detailed inspections and promptly followed up with detailed and professional reports which could be understood by both myself and the Executive Committee Members.  I have no hesitation in recommending their services to anyone requiring them. 

Brent McFadden

Building manager - The Darlington

When our strata became aware of a requirement to furnish council and the Fire Commissioner with Annual Fire Safety Certification and we engaged Passive First … Passive First undertook the extensive repairs on a staged program over four years . With mutual pre-planning, all inspections have been carried out as scheduled. The report/quoting has been professionally detailed with references to Australian standards and/or building codes.  On all occasions a senior manager has been in charge on the job and a genuine concern for the convenience of residents.

Peter Eldridge

Strata Committee Member

I have utilised the services of Passive First for a number of years now, and I would not hesitate to recommend their passive survey and rectification services as they provide cost effective pricing in a highly competitive industry. I have found Aldo, Rod and the team to be professional and the quality of the reporting is very good and is reasonably priced.

Ivan Steed (M.AIRAH)

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To Our
Aldo Pena

Aldo is a director and co-founder of Passive First. Aldo has unrivalled knowledge of firestop systems that comply with the Australian Standards and is a qualified Competent Fire Safety Practitioner (CFSP).

Since 1997 Aldo has focussed his career on learning about how firestop systems work, how they are manufactured and installed and why they are required in buildings. His passion for this has led him to acquire various qualifications in fire protection and construction management. Aldo is continually striving to keep his knowledge up to date and constantly reviews updates to the standards, manufacturers test and data sheets and seeks out new products and systems.

At Passive, First Aldo endorses firestop safety measures and completes compliance checks on any building that contains a firestop system as well as inspecting and assessing firestop measures such as fire seals, fire dampers, lightweight construction, access panels and door hoppers. He is also responsible for overseeing an in-house team of firestop inspectors and providing technical support and training to his staff. If any of his clients are passionate about improving their own knowledge and understanding of passive fire systems, then he will gladly help with training and advice.